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Criminology 101 African American Politics

Criminal behavior is running rampant in society. Additionally, white social scientists' compulsive tendencies to genetically link this social epidemic to the alleged intellectual inferiority of the New Afrikan (Black) people have only facilitated the necessity of this writing. But I also write this with the precise intent of contributing towards the balanced development of the academic community, while arming the sincere fighters for social justice with the tools to navigate through, and beyond the racist social theorist fabricated hypotheses; which are designed to conceal the real source (s) of this epidemic of crime. Not to mention to deflect any serious scrutiny of the white man's daily contradictions as they pertain to the qualitative elements are intrinsically conducive towards the manifestation of human nature and how that nature is socially related to the physical/material world.

I believe it is imperative that we dispel the racist mythology that contends that criminal behavior among Afrikan people is genetically induced. First, it doesn't take much to negate the validity of this bone head theory, for truth (which is an irrepressible natural law that governs both fact and reality) has already unraveled the lies which have been cloaked in an orgy of racial ignorance. But if by chance truth and reality become obscured and distorted beyond reasonable recognition, then common sense and logic should be applied; calling upon these two natural abilities of discernment would enable us to see beyond the racist/scientific prevarications.

In discerning truth from lies one must examine every element which makes up the whole. Like for example, the book in titled “The Bell Curve" 1) who was the authors? 2) What were their motives? 3) What was the nature of their research? 4) What was the mental capacity of those Black males they observed and/or interviewed?

This is just a brief example of those elements, which must be considered, for they have all contributed towards the established conclusion. I will briefly elaborate on #2 and #4. The motives are easily debatable, but often the motive(s) can be detected in the language itself. For instance, one so-called expert who supports the theory of the "Bell Curve" stated that the findings of the Bell Curve prove that funding for social programs which are designed as incentive for crime prevention and/or criminal rehabilitation are a waste of taxpayer dollars. The money should be directed at discovering this criminal gene at an early age so it can be medicated or surgically excavated. Even one of the authors had similar sentiments.

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